Earned Media

Earned media is better known to most people as media relations and it is the bread and butter of Public Relations. 

Media relations is working with reporters and media sources to place stories. Traditionally these placements have been in sources such as newspapers and magazines, and on television and radio in the form of interviews.

As the internet has become a bigger part of our lives, what we know as the media has changed. Newspapers, television stations, magazines, and radio stations all have websites. In addition to these sources, the media now includes blogs and influencers on social networks.

It is often looked at as a way to get free coverage (of course there is a cost if you’ve hired somebody to do it for you). It’s a good way to generate awareness about your company or a product. It’s also a good way to build authority and trust.

Digital media sources with linkbacks offer the added value of driving website traffic and improving SEO.

It becomes even more powerful when it’s tied together with Paid, Shared, and Owned media.

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