Media Relations

Media relations has been the bread and butter of public relations since its inception. It is an important vehicle to gain awareness and create goodwill your brand

Whether it’s an interview with a CEO, a story on a new product, or supporting a local cause companies love to get in the media. It’s not hard to wonder why. Mass media such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines is a great way to get a message in from of millions of people. 

In the 21st century, the media has changed. It now includes bloggers and influencers in addition to what normally think of as media. 

What hasn’t changed is the where we pitch ideas and who we pitch them to remains vitally important. 

Media relations is a tool built for awareness. It is often used to promote the goals of the company. It could be a new product, information about the organization, or even third party causes that the company has an interest in. 

It’s also employed in times of crisis and helps with reputation management. 

An often overlooked benefit of media relations is it can help your search engine optimization efforts if done right. 

While everything you do isn’t newsworthy we work to find those special nuggets that help define who and what your organization is and then find the right place to pitch them so you reach your audience.