Search Engine Marketing

When people think of marketing they quickly think of advertisements on television or event on social media but they don’t always think of search engines. 

Search engines are a great place to market. When people are looking for information, that search will start with a search engine such as Google. This presents an opportunity.

It should be no surprise that ads would make there way onto search engine results.

Search engine marketing is often misunderstood. Most people think that search in marketing is nothing more than ads placed on search engines. That’s partially right but not the whole story. 

Using the two together makes for a potent combination to be found by users. 

It involves another component: search engine optimization. Search engine ads + search engine optimization = search engine marketing. 

This means you have to have a strong understanding of how to influence search engines while also using the correct keywords and phrases so your ad will come up in the search engine results. You also need to write concise ads that will influence people to click through to visit your website.

Are you looking to improve your results? Search engine marketing could be an option for you.

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