Search Engine Optimization

When people want to find information they turn to a search engine. 

Search engines index the internet. Think of them as guides. They are here to help people find answers. 

Over time the search engines have gone from directing people to websites to offering their own services to help get information fast. Instead of a list of results we now see maps and snippets. 

Search engine optimization is the way we influence the results a search engine provides and it is going beyond typing.

Voice search continues to become more popular and search engine optimization is the key to your organization being used in voice search results. 

While “Google it” became the standard vernacular because of a certain engine’s popularity, don’t forget about other search engines such as Bing. 

While YouTube isn’t seen as a search engine, it is one of the biggest as using the search function on it is important for finding videos on the platform. 

As voice search has become more popular Bing has taken its place as an important search engine. Most non-Google devices, including those from Amazon and Apple, rely on Bing to provide results for voice search. 

When people decide to look something up they almost always start with Google or another search engine. This makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critically important tool that can’t be ignored.

We help you develop a search engine optimization strategy that makes sense by identifying keywords/keyphrases and backlink opportunities.