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The Top Five Articles From 2022

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Sometimes I’m surprised about which articles I’ve published get traction and which don’t.

It’s a reminder that your masterpiece may not do what you hoped and what you see as a more modest, utilitarian article might take off.

Your audience will always tell you what they want to see so don’t ignore them.

After taking some time off at the end of 2022, I’ve been easing into 2023.

I’ll be back to publishing regular posts in a couple of weeks but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share which articles were the most read on my blog in 2022.

My last article clocked in at 6000 words so in the interest of time, I’m limiting this to five posts.

Without further ado here are the top five viewed articles from 2022.

Coming in at Number Five: Your Approach to Content Marketing is Ancient

This is the first of three articles that I wrote in 2022 that made it into the top five. This one was published on October 11.

The inspiration for this post came from the fact that so many of the articles that I’ve read about content marketing limit the idea of content to a blog.

Content can and should be more than a blog.

Technically speaking, everything on your website is content. Any post you make on social media is content. Any video you create for TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube is content.

As Yoda might say, “Unwise it is to focus on a blog only when you talk about content marketing.”

Oddly, the morning that this article was published, I went into my email and there was a newsletter talking about content marketing that focused limited it to a blog.

Any concerns I had about the article being a little too provocative immediately disappeared.

Content marketing is much bigger than a blog and if you don’t adjust your thinking to this reality, you are missing some great opportunities.

At Number Four: Develop Objectives That Will Help You Meet Your Goals

I was surprised to see this one on the list. It’s an article that I published on April 7, 2020.

It’s not very long but I hadn’t really seen anybody talk about objectives and how they connect and support goals and thus this post was born.

I do wonder how many people stumbled into this one from a Google search thinking it was something different than it is.

That said, I developed a resource that I use when I’m helping clients plan and this information is in it. Not word for word but the general idea and the same example.

If you’re struggling with developing marketing objectives this will help illuminate what they are, how to think about them, and how to develop them.

Number Three: Planning Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

I remembered the title but I didn’t remember when I published this. Turns out was all the way back on April 9, 2019.

This was when we were young, naive, and hadn’t heard of COVID-19 yet.

I wasn’t thinking about this one as evergreen content although it certainly seems to be standing the test of time.

The genesis of this article developed from when I was having conversations with potential clients who seemed scared of creating a marketing plan.

Either it was because it had turned into a nightmare (hence the title) or because it sounded too hard.

This is a high-level post but it does what I set out to do.

If you’re looking for an article that talks about how you can use goals, strategy, objectives, and tactics (better known as GSOT) to help you create a simple marketing plan, this is a good resource for you.

I would suggest you also check out the planning article that I wrote titled Why Do You Need a Strategic Marketing Plan?

It’s a more complete resource that goes into what a strategic marketing plan is, why you should create one, and it will walk you through the creation of building a basic marketing plan. As a bonus, it includes a link to a planning template.

Claiming the Number Two Spot: What Marketers Should Consider for 2023

This one kind of surprises me but maybe it shouldn’t.

The reason I’m a little surprised this is sitting at number two is this article was published just over a month ago, on December 6. It only took 24 days to claim the number two spot.

The reason I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised is that this article was a collaboration and those articles are always my best performers.

It kind of makes me wonder why I don’t collaborate more but I know the answer.

I always like how the collaboration articles come out but they’re much harder for me to write.

That said, I’m happy with how it came out and feel humbled that it’s performed so well.

This one is full of great ideas that came from some very smart people. It’s definitely worth a look.

And at Number One: Integrated Marketing Communication is the Present and Future

I published this article about a year ago, on February 1, 2022.

I admit I continue to be perplexed that people don’t view marketing and communication in a holistic way.

You can break it out into four areas:

  • Owned Media
  • Social Media
  • Earned Media
  • Paid Media

People tend to turn these areas into their own little silos where they all act independently of each other.

Sure, you can get ok results working this way but this is a mistake.

These four areas should be interdependent.

You really won’t get great results until they work together.

This article makes a strong argument on why the mad men mindset is the past why and you should update your thinking to the realities you face today and in the future.

These are the five most popular articles of 2022 that were determined by you, dear reader.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a brand new article. Until then, find me on Twitter and let me know what article I published in 2022 you liked the best and what you might want me to write about in 2023.

*Image by hostpond from Pixabay

Shane Carpenter
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