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Good Measurement Starts with the Right Goals

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s no secret that I am an advocate of measuring marketing communication efforts. Without measurement, how can you ever know if you’re succeeding or failing? Too often we become afraid of metrics because it involves numbers but you need to get over it. Data is the present and the future. Measurement is hard. You need something to measure and that means work. After all, goals and objectives don’t create themselves. We have to conceive them. That’s simple. The hard part is… Read More »Good Measurement Starts with the Right Goals

Prevent your Communication Efforts from Taking the Dirt Nap

Reading Time: 5 minutes The only thing sure in the world is change and this applies to your marketing communication efforts as well. We now have more options than ever. This is a good thing but it does make things more challenging. When we have always done things a certain way it feels comfortable. It’s what we know and to change can feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little bit dangerous. Recently I was having a conversation with a peer about Public Relations (PR).… Read More »Prevent your Communication Efforts from Taking the Dirt Nap

Marketing Communication: What should you be measuring?

Reading Time: 4 minutes In my last post, Marketing Communication: A Quick Guide, I brought up measurement multiple times and with good reason. If you’re not measuring what you are doing, you have no way of knowing if it is working or not. While there are many things we can measure, I’m going to focus on only two areas in this article: your website and social media. You likely have a website and are publishing content on a regular basis which you’re then promoting… Read More »Marketing Communication: What should you be measuring?

Down with the Media Impression

Reading Time: 2 minutes I remember sitting in my first PR class. It was several weeks in and we were talking about measurement. There was a concept that was introduced to me called  the media impression. If there was a video of me during this discussion you would have seen my face develop an expression that can only be interpreted as incredulous. I had come back to school after working at one of the largest tech companies in the world. There was always a… Read More »Down with the Media Impression