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Are Marketing Shortcuts A Folly?

Reading Time: 6 minutes At some point or another you, like me, have likely searched for a tip, trick, or tool to save time. Saving time is a good thing right? After all, there are only 24 hours in a day and you have to balance between work, family, friends, hobbies, and sleep. There are those that will tell you that there aren’t any marketing shortcuts. Others will tell you that there are a multitude of marketing shortcuts that you can potentially use. Not… Read More »Are Marketing Shortcuts A Folly?

Are You Getting a Return on Investment on Your Marketing?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Return on investment (ROI). It’s something you expect to hear when you invest your money in stock, bonds, or mutual funds but not necessarily when it comes to your marketing. For many, marketing is just another cost of doing business. Costs don’t tend to give you a return. You’ve likely never bought a twinkie and woke up the next morning to find that one twinkie became two overnight. If this does happen, I would highly recommend not eating either because… Read More »Are You Getting a Return on Investment on Your Marketing?

The War Against Owned Media

Reading Time: 9 minutes Social Media never turned into the silver bullet that it was hyped to be but it has made an impact and it’s been sizable.  One of the biggest is the impact on our behavior. This extends to the business world as well. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have been working to make it easier for people to shop directly from the app, and businesses that are looking for an easy way to get customers are taking the bait.  It’s hard to… Read More »The War Against Owned Media

Are You Including These 4 Pieces in Your Marketing?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sometimes it takes a crisis to force you to step back and look at things. It’s not the best way to do it. You should really be taking a step back on a regular basis. 2020 was a year that forced me to stop look at what I was doing and what I was about. Even bigger, what was my agency about?  Big questions to contemplate but it was good. I always start with the big picture and then start… Read More »Are You Including These 4 Pieces in Your Marketing?

No, Influencers Aren’t New But Their Reach Is

Reading Time: 7 minutes Influencers are everywhere but this isn’t a new thing Influencers.  You have them. I have them. They are everywhere. The rise of social media and YouTube means that anybody with an internet connection can attempt to be an influencer.  The times have changed from when I was growing up. According to a recent study, kids want to be social media influencers more than they want to be president, a star athlete, a pop star, or even a movie star.  What… Read More »No, Influencers Aren’t New But Their Reach Is

Is the Marketing Funnel Still Relevant to Modern Marketers?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The marketing funnel has been around for ages but times have changed and customers are changing with them. Does the marketing funnel still have a place in your marketing and communication strategy? Read any topic related to marketing and it’s not uncommon for the marketing funnel to find its way into the conversation. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as the marketing funnel has long been considered a valuable tool. As times have changed, people have changed with it. The… Read More »Is the Marketing Funnel Still Relevant to Modern Marketers?

Should You Focus On Brand Loyalty or Brand Affinity?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Brand loyalty and brand affinity. These are two ideas marketers and public relations (PR) people love to talk about. Well, maybe the talk is more about brand loyalty but brand affinity hasn’t been left out in the cold. More marketers talk about brand affinity all the time and with good reason. Consumers have changed over the years. They have also become savvier as more are interested in a brand’s actions and what it stands for. This means there are a… Read More »Should You Focus On Brand Loyalty or Brand Affinity?

What Marketing Skills Do You Need for 2021 and Beyond? Part 3

Reading Time: 9 minutes This is the final stop in our series on the marketing skills that you need for 2021 and beyond. Before we get into the final three marketing skills, I’m going to do a quick review of what’s already been covered. In the first article I talked about the first three marketing skills: The world is moving a quick pace and you need to be able to be able to embrace change or accept your extinction. We talked the complexity of… Read More »What Marketing Skills Do You Need for 2021 and Beyond? Part 3

Marketing is an Investment in the Future

Reading Time: 8 minutes For some, marketing is nothing more than a necessary evil and when they can, they will avoid it. It’s an expense stealing from the bottom line. When budgets are tight, one of the first things to go out the door is marketing. Why market if the budgets are lean? There are certainly other places where the money is needed more. When business is good, some companies make the decision to stop marketing. Why spend extra money on it if it’s… Read More »Marketing is an Investment in the Future

Execution Should Be Part Of The Plan

Reading Time: 5 minutes Execution is the difference between good results and great results. You can have the best plan in the world but if it’s not executed properly you won’t get the results that match. In fact, you could get mediocre results from a really well-designed plan. Implementing a plan requires a completely different skillset. This can be why strategic plans don’t see the light of day after they are created. A plan can be intimidating. It has all these different components that… Read More »Execution Should Be Part Of The Plan