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How Has Media Relations Changed?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nothing stays the same and that also applies to media relations. There are numerous channels that simply didn’t exist 10-15 years ago and some of those channels now fall under the category of media. The right place for your story may not be the newspaper but the person who blogs about your industry. That alone impacts media relations. What are the new channels? Why should you care and how does that impact media relations? If you are asking those questions I… Read More »How Has Media Relations Changed?

What is the role of the media?

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s hard to get away from the media. We consume it every day. It could be from the local tv news station or the local paper. It could be a cable news station such as Fox or CNN. It could come from magazine articles or even a blog. With the help of the internet, the news we consume can come from literally anywhere. From the perspective of marketing communication, this a wonderful thing. We have more ways to reach people… Read More »What is the role of the media?

Why is Media Relations Important?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The has been much change in the media over the last 20 years. This is true of magazines and newspapers. If there is a print edition, there is most likely a website with the articles from the print edition plus additional content. That content could be specific to the website and/or archives of past stories. Television has also gone online. Whether it’s CNN, Fox, or your local station, content from newscasts plus specific digital content can be found on the… Read More »Why is Media Relations Important?

What is Media Relations?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Media relations is a popular public relations (PR) tactic. So much so that for many people it’s become synonymous with PR itself. If you read my article from a couple of weeks ago you know that this isn’t true but still the myth persists. PR has changed dramatically over the last decade but media relations remains a valuable piece of the puzzle for PR practitioners. Let’s look at what media relations is and why it’s important. Media relations The focus… Read More »What is Media Relations?

What is the Difference between PR and Media Relations?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Public relations (PR) and media relations are almost synonymous in the eyes of many. It’s not hard to understand why. For decades PR practitioners worked primarily to secure media coverage for clients. Yet, PR and media relations are not the same. Let’s take a closer look. Public Relations If you read my last post, you know that PR is a business process that works to build relationships with your customers. It’s a strategic process. We determine where the audience is… Read More »What is the Difference between PR and Media Relations?