How Is Social Construction Impacting Your Marketing?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Social construction impacts everything you do. Even your marketing. There are many different communication theories and ideas that guide me on an everyday basis as I do my job. One of the most important is social construction. It impacts our lives in every way on a daily basis. It’s even going to impact the way you feel about this blog post but don’t take my word for it. Read on to find out why. What… Read More »How Is Social Construction Impacting Your Marketing?

Now Is The Best Time For Innovation

Reading Time: 8 minutes Innovation is something that is easier to talk about than actually do. To innovate, you need to be willing to take embrace risk. It’s not something that most are willing to do in the world of marketing and public relations (PR). When is the best time to get started doing that task you need to get done? Now. The same applies to innovation. The best time for it isn’t later but now. I’ve read articles… Read More »Now Is The Best Time For Innovation

Why Do You Need To Take Advantage Of Email Marketing?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Compared to social media and video marketing email marketing is old but don’t let this fool you. It’s still as relevant as ever. It may not be as sexy as social media or video but it produces results and there are reasons why this is the case. During the course of this article, I’m going to show you why. If you stay until the end, I’ll even have a special announcement. There is a lot… Read More »Why Do You Need To Take Advantage Of Email Marketing?

What Is The Importance Of Brand Affinity?

Reading Time: 5 minutes I find it interesting that more organizations don’t focus more on brand affinity. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be. Awareness seems to trump affinity most the time. About a year ago I was watching an interview with Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz and more recently Spark Toro. He started talking about affinity and how a tactic they started using created a huge amount of brand affinity. I admit it’s not something brand affinity wasn’t… Read More »What Is The Importance Of Brand Affinity?

What Is Paid Media?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Let’s talk about paid media. It’s not popular with people because it’s intrusive but this doesn’t stop organizations from running ads. Billions of dollars are poured into digital ads every year. While most might people think of television when they think of ads the truth of the matter is that Google and Facebook are the true behemoths of the ad industry. In the second quarter of 2020, which was thrown into chaos by COVID-19, Facebook made… Read More »What Is Paid Media?

Should You Invest In Hiring An Agency?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let’s face it, hiring an agency is a big deal. Determining whether it is a good investment is a critical question when making the decision to hire somebody or to do it yourself. I’ve seen articles that make the case that one should never hire somebody to do any public relations (PR) or marketing work. The reasoning always comes down to money and the advice the same: Save your money and do it yourself. I… Read More »Should You Invest In Hiring An Agency?

5 Mindset Changes That Will Boost Your Game

Reading Time: 9 minutes The mindset that you have when dealing with the world around you can have a big impact on results but it’s more than how you deal with the world. It’s how you think of the world. It’s a viewpoint. Viewpoints are a big factor in how we react to the world around . You can choose to believe a conspiracy theory that aliens are re-populating earth in an effort to take over the world or… Read More »5 Mindset Changes That Will Boost Your Game

The 5 Top Insights From Mozcon

Reading Time: 8 minutes Last week I attended my first MozCon (virtually of course). For those of you who have never heard of MozCon, it is a two-day conference that is put together by Moz, a leader in search engine optimization (SEO) tools. The conference is heavy on SEO but also included topics relevant to digital marketing and public relations. The presentations were top-notch. I saw 20 in all and I have to admit, my head is still swimming… Read More »The 5 Top Insights From Mozcon

How Do Values Have A Big Impact On Marketing?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The values of your company will impact everything including its marketing One of the elements that I look at when we develop a strategic marketing plan for a company is its values. This may seem kind of strange to some people but it’s crucial to the process. Your values are important. They are what shape your culture. They guide your decision making. They don’t just apply to the C-Suite or your operations team. They apply… Read More »How Do Values Have A Big Impact On Marketing?

Use An Integrated Plan To Improve Your Results

Reading Time: 6 minutes An integrated plan can seem daunting because it has more elements but the results make it a worthwhile investment if it’s done right. While there are marketers who focus on niches such as Facebook ads, LinkedIn, or SEO, they miss the bigger picture. These areas are all valid and I appreciate the expertise these people bring but an integrated plan gives the best opportunity for businesses and non-profits. There are certainly many opinions out there… Read More »Use An Integrated Plan To Improve Your Results