The War Against Owned Media

Reading Time: 9 minutes Social Media never turned into the silver bullet that it was hyped to be but it has made an impact and it’s been sizable.  One of the biggest is the impact on our behavior. This extends to the business world as well. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have been working to make it easier for people to shop directly from the app, and businesses that are looking for an easy way to get customers are taking… Read More »The War Against Owned Media

Are You Including These 4 Pieces in Your Marketing?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sometimes it takes a crisis to force you to step back and look at things. It’s not the best way to do it. You should really be taking a step back on a regular basis. 2020 was a year that forced me to stop look at what I was doing and what I was about. Even bigger, what was my agency about?  Big questions to contemplate but it was good. I always start with the… Read More »Are You Including These 4 Pieces in Your Marketing?

No, Influencers Aren’t New But Their Reach Is

Reading Time: 7 minutes Influencers are everywhere but this isn’t a new thing Influencers.  You have them. I have them. They are everywhere. The rise of social media and YouTube means that anybody with an internet connection can attempt to be an influencer.  The times have changed from when I was growing up. According to a recent study, kids want to be social media influencers more than they want to be president, a star athlete, a pop star, or… Read More »No, Influencers Aren’t New But Their Reach Is

How Do You Be A Thought Leader?

Reading Time: 8 minutes You should a thought leader.  How many times have you heard that? If you’ve read as many articles on marketing and communication as I have, you’ve heard it plenty. This isn’t even counting the webinars, videos, podcasts, and books that bring it up.  It’s funny how often this advice is thrown out. What tends to lack is much information on how to actually do it.  Write a blog. Have podcast. Get your articles placed in… Read More »How Do You Be A Thought Leader?

Not All Change is Equal

Reading Time: 9 minutes Sometimes a change has so little impact that it’s insignificant while other times it can completely change the world The changes forced on us over the past year have been hard. It’s been difficult to adjust to a new reality but is the change we’ve seen something bigger? Despite the fact that many thought leaders have proclaimed that there have been many big changes that will continue to impact us post-covid, I’m not so sure.… Read More »Not All Change is Equal

Stop Treating Transparency as an Enemy

Reading Time: 9 minutes Transparency shouldn’t be scary. It’s a vital part of your business. Transparency sometimes feels like one of those buzzwords that people advocate but don’t always practice themselves. Why is that? Is it because it’s radical candor that could get you in trouble? Or maybe it could mean that your trade secrets are released into the wild for your competitors to exploit. It could be these two things and more but transparency isn’t your enemy and… Read More »Stop Treating Transparency as an Enemy

Doing Research Will Supercharge Your Marketing

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you want to improve your marketing start doing your research What enters your mind when you think of research? Is it people in white coats with microscopes and beakers like the picture above? When I think of research I often think of when I was in college and sitting in the library pouring over academic articles I might use as part of a paper I was writing. The fact is research is much more… Read More »Doing Research Will Supercharge Your Marketing

5 Things to Consider Before You Build a Community

Reading Time: 9 minutes An online community can help build relationships and affinity but before you start to build there are some things you need to consider. There are many ways to help build your brand and community has found its way to the top of that list.  It makes sense. Community is great way to connect with people, build relationships, share ideas, build affinity, and even create leads for your business.  With this in mind, it comes as… Read More »5 Things to Consider Before You Build a Community

Is the Marketing Funnel Still Relevant to Modern Marketers?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The marketing funnel has been around for ages but times have changed and customers are changing with them. Does the marketing funnel still have a place in your marketing and communication strategy? Read any topic related to marketing and it’s not uncommon for the marketing funnel to find its way into the conversation. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as the marketing funnel has long been considered a valuable tool. As times have changed, people… Read More »Is the Marketing Funnel Still Relevant to Modern Marketers?

Should You Focus On Brand Loyalty or Brand Affinity?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Brand loyalty and brand affinity. These are two ideas marketers and public relations (PR) people love to talk about. Well, maybe the talk is more about brand loyalty but brand affinity hasn’t been left out in the cold. More marketers talk about brand affinity all the time and with good reason. Consumers have changed over the years. They have also become savvier as more are interested in a brand’s actions and what it stands for.… Read More »Should You Focus On Brand Loyalty or Brand Affinity?