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Everybody needs a coach.

“My best skill was that I was coachable. I was a sponge and aggressive to learn.”

– Michael Jordan

If you haven’t executed a plan before it can be an eye-opening experience. The execution, the measuring, making adjustments…it can be overwhelming.

When you have a plan you have several options. You can hire somebody to execute all of it or parts of it but the budget needed could be too much for your organization to afford. That leaves you with the option to execute it all yourself or just put it away and forget about it. 

Entirely too many organizations will take the “forget about it route” because it’s just easier. If you don’t have all the knowledge needed to execute the plan, putting it away and forgetting it might seem attractive but it’s certainly not useful to help get your organization to where it needs to be. 

What if there was another solution? What if you could get some help executing your plan? 

Just Call Us Coach

We understand the pain points of executing a plan on your own which is why we offer coaching to help you. 

There are a couple of ideas behind it. 

First, we are going to help guide you. You’re the superhero. We’re the support. 

Second, we hold you accountable. You will miss every ball you don’t swing at. If you’re not executing, you have already lost. We make sure that you are staying on track. That in itself will help create results.

We will help you set up the tools that you need and make sure you know how to use them effectively. Our coaching time will allow us to talk about everything you are doing so we can give you constructive feedback. We will also go through your data together to see what’s working and where you need to make adjustments. 

At the end, you will feel comfortable executing your plan and will understand how to get results.

We have three different coaching packages. 

The Boss

We’ll meet for 3 hours each work week (defined as Monday – Friday) for twelve weeks. 

In order to better coach you, will have access to all tools marketing so we will be able to see in real-time how things are working. 

We will use our time talking about what we are seeing, getting your feedback on what you feel is working, what isn’t, and find solutions. This will include giving you our creative ideas and helping you work more efficiently.

The Basics Plus

We’ll meet for three hours each week over a period of eight weeks where we will talk about how you’re doing and help you solve the challenges you are experiencing.  

This will include giving you our creative ideas, helping you improve what you are doing, and giving you ideas to help you work more efficiently. 

The Basics

We’ll meet for an hour every week over a period of eight weeks where we will about how you’re doing and provide feedback to help you get results and work more efficiently. 

We Are Asking You To Commit

We are doing this so we can help you get to where you need to be but we want to know that you are committed so there are a few strings attached.  

The first is that you need to be curious. We aren’t here to execute your plan. That’s a separate service but, if you are curious about how this all works and want to learn more, we can help. 

Second, you need to be coachable. If you aren’t willing to be taught we aren’t going to get very far. In fact, it will be a waste of your time and money. Our job is to help make you the best version of yourself.

Last, you will need to work with us to create a strategic marketing plan. We need something to work with and it’s going to be hard if you there isn’t a plan. We have also found it’s easier for both of us if we start this process from the ground up so we are both on the same page.  

Because there is a cost to the strategic planning session, you taking this step will show us that you are committed to this process. 

However, just because you plan with us doesn’t mean you have to still go down this path. We consider our strategic planning process a way for us to date before we get married. At the end of the planning we will have a discussion on what the next steps are. It’s at that point that you can commit to coaching, having us execute on your behalf, or we can go our separate ways. 

Whatever you decide, you will walk away with a strategic marketing plan that has been created specifically for your business.

What’s The Next Step?

It’s simple. If you are ready to get started the only click the the “Get Started Now” button it will take you to our contact page. Submit your information and we will contact you back so we can get started.

If at any point you decide that you decide that it really is too much for you and you would rather have us execute the plan on your behalf, we will simply convert your contract to reflect the change in services.

Create Your Strategic Plan

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