For Best Results, Don’t put your Efforts in a Silo

Reading Time: 5 minutes Options are a wonderful thing. They can give us multiple ways to get where we want to be. I love having options but sometimes, if you’re like me, it can feel like there are so many options that it’s overwhelming. Should you write a blog? How about doing a podcast? Maybe do some geofencing? Social media is important but should you be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat…maybe all the above? What about the media.… Read More »For Best Results, Don’t put your Efforts in a Silo

Good Measurement Starts with the Right Goals

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s no secret that I am an advocate of measuring marketing communication efforts. Without measurement, how can you ever know if you’re succeeding or failing?¬†Too often we become afraid of metrics because it involves numbers but you need to get over it. Data is the present and the future. Measurement is hard. You need something to measure and that means work. After all, goals and objectives don’t create themselves. We have to conceive them. That’s… Read More »Good Measurement Starts with the Right Goals

Incuriosity Killed the Cat

Reading Time: 3 minutes You’ve heard the phrased “curiosity killed the cat”. It’s an old proverb warning us that being curious about other people’s affairs may get us into trouble. There is a certain wisdom in this but it certainly doesn’t apply to all situations and a lack of curiosity can be an even bigger problem. We are seeing the biggest changes in business since the industrial revolution. Automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are changing the way work… Read More »Incuriosity Killed the Cat

Prevent your Communication Efforts from Taking the Dirt Nap

Reading Time: 5 minutes The only thing sure in the world is change and this applies to your marketing communication efforts as well. We now have more options than ever. This is a good thing but it does make things more challenging. When we have always done things a certain way it feels comfortable. It’s what we know and to change can feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little bit dangerous. Recently I was having a conversation with a… Read More »Prevent your Communication Efforts from Taking the Dirt Nap

Your Leads Need Help to become Your Customers

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few weeks ago I talked about using the marketing funnel to convert leads into customers. The concept itself rather simple. Marketing communication brings people into the funnel and through its different steps: Awareness Interest Consideration Conversion If you follow this link you can read about the marketing funnel in more detail (you’ll notice that I have two steps that occur after the conversion. I’ll be discussing those steps in a future article). Today I’m… Read More »Your Leads Need Help to become Your Customers

What Makes Your Organization Unique?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Regardless of what your organization does, you have competitors and they likely offer many of the same products and services that you do. This can make running a business challenging to say the least. The question is, in a sea filled with heavy competition, how does your organization stand out? You do it by looking at those things that are unique to your organization. We call them differentiators and it’s what we are going to… Read More »What Makes Your Organization Unique?

Why Marketing Communication is the Perfect Option

Reading Time: 4 minutes Marketing communication. Digital marketing. Public Relations. What are these things? More importantly, should your business be using one of them and if so, which one? They are all different and yet in some ways, the same. Confused? Welcome to the club. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably. It just depends on who you are talking to. Today I’m going to talk about all three. I will tell you what they are and what they do.… Read More »Why Marketing Communication is the Perfect Option


CoSchedule: The Ultimate in Social Media Calendaring

Reading Time: 6 minutes Discovery Like many of you, I’m busy running a business. If I had to stop to go post every piece of content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that I created, I would lose several hours from my day. I would much rather use that time to run my business and service my clients. This is where CoSchedule comes in. It aims to solve that problem for all of us (Full disclosure: I am benefitting from… Read More »CoSchedule: The Ultimate in Social Media Calendaring

Use a Marketing Funnel for Results

Reading Time: 3 minutes Use a Marketing Funnel to guide people to a purchase Regardless of whether your organization is selling a product or asking for donations, your customer will be going through a marketing funnel. Your marketing communication efforts will have a big impact on getting people into and pulling them through, but what is a marketing funnel? The marketing funnel has six stages:  Awareness Interest Consideration Conversion Customer Relationship/Retention Evangelism Some of your customers will go through the… Read More »Use a Marketing Funnel for Results

Marketing Communication: The Thanksgiving Edition

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thanksgiving is in only two days. Where has this year gone? I can’t believe 2019 is already around the corner. We’ve been talking about the GSOT model (Goals, Strategy, Objectives, Tactics) the last couple of weeks and I’ll step back into our conversation next time. This time I thought I would do something different. Many families have a tradition where they go around the table and say what they are thankful for before starting their… Read More »Marketing Communication: The Thanksgiving Edition