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Is All Awareness the Same?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Awareness is an important step on the journey to making a purchase. Without it out a prospect will never have the chance to become a customer.  Through conversations, I’ve found that awareness is usually what businesses are most concerned about.  However, the trap many fall into with awareness is that it is the most important step. If only they knew about your product surely they would buy it. Right?  Probably not. Awareness is just one step. It’s arguably not even… Read More »Is All Awareness the Same?

Your Leads Need Help to become Your Customers

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few weeks ago I talked about using the marketing funnel to convert leads into customers. The concept itself rather simple. Marketing communication brings people into the funnel and through its different steps: Awareness Interest Consideration Conversion If you follow this link you can read about the marketing funnel in more detail (you’ll notice that I have two steps that occur after the conversion. I’ll be discussing those steps in a future article). Today I’m going to talk about how… Read More »Your Leads Need Help to become Your Customers