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Our founder loves technology. Not surprising as he worked for Intel, one of the largest tech companies in the world, for over six years. 

As the years have gone by the tech world has grown considerably and become a regular part of our lives. Whether it is a software or hardware solution, it seems like there is tech for just about any problem people might have. 

The question is, with so many companies doing such amazing things, how do you get noticed? It’s not easy but that’s were we can help.  

In this day and age you have to have the right piece of information for the right person at the right time. This can feel like a daunting task but integrated plans that include both marketing and PR tactics are the best solution to reaching your desired audience and getting to where you need to be. 

While Shane may have worked for a large tech company we prefer to help small and medium tech companies in the following areas: 

  • IT
  • Internet Software and Services
  • Application Software
  • Home Entertainment Software
  • IoT
  • Biotechnology


Where do you want to go? We want to help you get there. 

Reach out today and let’s have a conversation to to see what we can do to help you. 


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