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8 Books That Will Boost Your Game

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The last several weeks have felt more like several years. Like you, I’m still adjusting to the new normal that has arisen in response because of COVID19

The one thing I do know is that the future isn’t what any of us thought it would be. There are two ways to deal with it.

The first is to grieve the loss of the future we were building and the death of the normalcy we once knew. There is no avoiding the fact that many businesses and the people that work for them have lost money that they will never get back. I’m in that boat and its upsetting.

The second is that though we will have a different reality, there will be new and many exciting opportunities available to us that we wouldn’t have dreamed of just a month ago.

As much as I’ve wanted to wallow in the first option, and I have for a couple of weeks, it’s nothing more than a vicious circle that leads to nowhere good.

I’m choosing the second option and I implore you to do the same. At some point, this will be over and the world will start again. You will need to be ready for it. Here are eight books that will help get you ready for it and boost your game to another level.

Only the Paranoid Survive

This book is from the mid-’90s but the concept is as relevant now as it’s ever been. Written by Andy Grove, a founder of Intel and Time Man of the Year in 1997, this book talks about inflection points. An inflection point is when a major change happens in a competitive environment. This change can be literally anything but it creates a situation that forces change, sometimes abruptly. Those who adapt will thrive while those who don’t will cease to exist. Grove talks about how to identify and survive an inflection point. If you run a business, this book is a must-read.

Who Moved My Cheese

This book by Spencer Johnson is a classic. Simply stated, this book is about dealing with change. That’s something we are all dealing with now.


This book is about empowering employees. When I was working at Intel, my business group decided it wanted to change in the way that we did business. I was on the pilot team that created and documented the changes that were eventually be put into place for our group. The manager of the project had us all read this book. In many companies, management likes to talk about empowerment but rarely practices it. This book will show you why empowerment will take your company to new heights.

Leadership and the New Science

I was exposed to some of the ideas in this book in one of my communication classes at Boise State. I was intrigued enough to purchase it and read it during the summer break (well, what was left of the summer break since it was in a summer class). I’m a person who loathes chaos. If I sense it, I will do everything in my power to get away from it. This book argues that chaos is the natural order of the universe. It was kind of scary but Wheatley pulls in ideas from biology, chaos theory, and even quantum physics to show a new view of business management.

Content Chemistry

Andy Crestodina has the best blog on the internet in regards to the topic of content marketing. That said, of course I bought his book. It is a wonderful resource that leaves no stone unturned on the topic.

Start With Why

I saw a few videos of Simon Sinek on around the internet and I was intrigued so I finally broke down and bought this book. I was blown away. Simon looks at the world differently than most marketers. He’s not just about getting the sale. In this book, he argues quite compellingly that people won’t buy a product until they know the why behind it. It’s a refreshing and unique take on marketing.

The Infinite Game

Another great read by Simon Sinek. In this book, he argues that companies that are only interested in money are playing a win-lose game. At some point, they will lose the game and cease to exist. The cure? Look at the game as infinite. There will be some ups and downs but those who have a cause that is bigger than money will be stronger and more innovative.


Every year, Spin Sucks has a 30-Day Communication Challenge in which you build and implement an integrated marketing plan. Gini Dietrich is unapologetic in stating that this book by Gino Wickman had a big influence on how they plan and on the communication challenge itself so I thought I would give it read. I could definitely see the influence. Both have had a strong influence on how I plan. I’m giving the nod to Traction because it was the influence behind it all. The ideas also go beyond planning. This book gives an entrepreneurial operating system that will help keep your business on track.

These eight books that will help you take your skills to another level. What do you think? Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comments.

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Shane Carpenter
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