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Execution Should Be Part Of The Plan

Reading Time: 5 minutes Execution is the difference between good results and great results. You can have the best plan in the world but if it’s not executed properly you won’t get the results that match. In fact, you could get mediocre results from a really well-designed plan. Implementing a plan requires a completely different skillset. This can be why strategic plans don’t see the light of day after they are created. A plan can be intimidating. It has all these different components that… Read More »Execution Should Be Part Of The Plan

You Need a Strategic Marketing Plan

Reading Time: 6 minutes The beginning of the new year always feels new. Like we are starting with a blank slate. It’s the time where we like to reset. We create goals but we have a hard time hitting them if we even hit them at all. Why is that the case? Most of the time it’s because we don’t have a plan. We count on the fact that our willpower can carry us to our desired result. Desire is great but it’s not… Read More »You Need a Strategic Marketing Plan

Can Public Relations Save Its Self?

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the last couple of weeks, I have talked about some trends with Facebook and Google that are going to have a big impact on 2020 and beyond. This week will be no different. You see, Public Relations (PR), like many other industries in the past, seems to be choosing irrelevance. The world moving so fast. We’ve seen more change in the last several years than we have had in the previous twenty. Customers have more power now than ever.… Read More »Can Public Relations Save Its Self?

Is Your Marketing Mindset Out Of Date?

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time trying to learn, but what if the knowledge we have gained is wrong? I had an instructor who told me of a philosopher who said that we should find out all we can about a topic and then proceed as if we know nothing. Mind blown. This applies to the world around us. It’s not that what we’ve learned is wrong but that it’s no longer right as the world… Read More »Is Your Marketing Mindset Out Of Date?

Spark Interest And Loyalty With Storytelling

Reading Time: 5 minutes Everybody likes a good story. We spend billions of dollars a year going to the movies to see stories play out on the big screen, watching them on television, anding read them in books. We use them to illustrate how our day went or why the person who cut us off on the way home is a jerk. Stories are great fun but they can be more than mere entertainment. In the business world, we use them to persuade and… Read More »Spark Interest And Loyalty With Storytelling

Is All Awareness the Same?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Awareness is an important step on the journey to making a purchase. Without it out a prospect will never have the chance to become a customer.  Through conversations, I’ve found that awareness is usually what businesses are most concerned about.  However, the trap many fall into with awareness is that it is the most important step. If only they knew about your product surely they would buy it. Right?  Probably not. Awareness is just one step. It’s arguably not even… Read More »Is All Awareness the Same?

Prevent your Communication Efforts from Taking the Dirt Nap

Reading Time: 5 minutes The only thing sure in the world is change and this applies to your marketing communication efforts as well. We now have more options than ever. This is a good thing but it does make things more challenging. When we have always done things a certain way it feels comfortable. It’s what we know and to change can feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little bit dangerous. Recently I was having a conversation with a peer about Public Relations (PR).… Read More »Prevent your Communication Efforts from Taking the Dirt Nap

Your Leads Need Help to become Your Customers

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few weeks ago I talked about using the marketing funnel to convert leads into customers. The concept itself rather simple. Marketing communication brings people into the funnel and through its different steps: Awareness Interest Consideration Conversion If you follow this link you can read about the marketing funnel in more detail (you’ll notice that I have two steps that occur after the conversion. I’ll be discussing those steps in a future article). Today I’m going to talk about how… Read More »Your Leads Need Help to become Your Customers

Do You Have a Public Relations Plan?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Developing a public relations plan will help your organization meet it’s business goals. If you don’t have a plan, you are missing a great opportunity to add to your organization’s bottom line. But how do you develop a plan? There isn’t one specific way that you have to follow although there are certain elements that you need to have. In this post I’m going to show you some steps to help you create a plan. Like any plan, it’s not something… Read More »Do You Have a Public Relations Plan?

The Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal: Should Your Business Stay on Facebook?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Unless you have been in a cabin deep in the woods without access to the outside world, you are probably aware of Facebook’s recent troubles. The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been at the top of the news for the last couple weeks. The coverage culminated last week with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg being called to Washington D.C. for two days of testimony. We didn’t learn anything new but it did make for good headlines. I’m in a marketing communication group… Read More »The Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal: Should Your Business Stay on Facebook?